Doomsday Bunker Cost

Vivos has doomsday 2012 bunkers up for sale now.

Robert Vicino of Vivos is an excited man and he has something in store for you just in case impossible 2012 doomsday arrives.  He is selling doomsday bunkers. Those bunkers are located in Desert of Mojave and has good space for few thousand people.

The bunkers have been priced as:
$50,000 for room that can house 4 people.
$5,000 for adults
$2,500 for kids.
Pets are free.

It is speculated that Vicino has already sold half of the space to the buyers.

These bunkers are said to be the safest options and can withstand the attacks and natural extreme conditions. Everything is ready to be shared with you which includes the menu of food as well.

Doomsday bunkers are making right news in the media. If Robert Vicino wanted to sell few other things with his offer, those could go well as well. He could club a book and preparation kit for few hundred dollars that could be sold to the people who are interested to live out side the bunkers  but still want to feel safe.

Robert Vicino began his professional career in marketing and advertising and he shared his expertise with timeshare companies.  I think thats where he got the idea to develop the doomsday bunkers and sell them to public.

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