Doomsday in 2013 due to Solar Storm

This I think is little credible threat waring of Doomsday type which has come from NASA.

New channels are beaming the doomsday scenarios of 2012 but now they have got something more interesting.  Several news channels have shown the documentaries and small programs of featuring 2013 doomsday now. Many of those channels have the titles such as “Only Three Years Left for Earth”. Another casted the spell with the words “Live life for 3 years now”.  Little scary to hear and watch such coverage.  Lets go to exact meaning of what is going to happen in 2013.

According to NASA, there would be reduced number of sunspots. The new cycle would bring more of solar mass ejection at the greater speed which can hamper the life on earth.  Something of this sort has happened in the past as well.  It is going to be geomagnetic solar storm which can disrupt the operations of satellites and power systems on earth.  The sun would be at its peak in May 2013.

Well, this is not doomsday scenario. It is serious but not at the scale of doomsday.  It must be taken seriously and I hope by that time, someone would be able to tell us how to save ourselves. It makes sense to be conscious of the news and views around you but at the same time you must know the truth.  Look beyond the hype which is created by the news and media channels. Watch for the clear and right indications from the qualified and experts who have right credentials.

For now,  The doomsday of 2012 does not seem to eminent but the case of reduced 2013 doomsday type seems to be more of concern.  You need to watch the news related to May 2013.

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