Doomsday January 01 2017 or 01012017

How credible is the threat with this new doomsday. Doomsday01012017,  Doomsday03,  Doomsday20170101 are the same names and forms of the term given to Doomsday January 01 2017. Last failed doomsday was in 2012. There is roughly 5 years of difference to new date. Let’s examine to see what it is actually.

Angel Gabriel has been associated with this prediction by unknown sources but credited to The Sword of God Brotherhood. I seriously think that both these associations are wrong and factually incorrect.

The first doubt is on the existence of The Sword of God Brotherhood. This particular group may not be in any form these days. Or may be just few believers grouped together.

The other doubt is, even if The Sword of God Brotherhood exists today. Why Gabriel will choose this group. Angel Gabriel had access to great prophets and other great personalities in his time-line.

What is predicted by this cult is that only believers will survive and all others will be dead. This is great plan to increase the membership through unknown fear.

Choosing 01 January to base the doomsday prediction is a bad idea.  The new year must be celebrated with hope and enthusiasm.  Why these same people do not predict the next earthquake. The reason is, their being proved fraud, the chances are greater. With doomsday prediction, they always say that they made mistakes in calculations and here is the new date.

Just do not worry. Nothing is going to happen. Relax. Follow your plan.


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