Doomsday Live Blog for Exclusively on Twenty First December 2012, Updated As it Happens on the Road

Live Blog : Doomsday 12-21-2012. The Page will be updated with every news as it happens around the world.  It is pretty clear, nothing is going to happen. Doomsday is Hoax. Just watch this page. All updates will have EST – New York Time. 


 Read here : Shameless Excuses


 22-December, 2012 5:20 AM ET  NY, 10:22 AM London, 11:22 AM Paris, 2:22 PM Dubai and 3:52 PM Delhi:

It is now 22nd December at most of the places.  It is the new day.  Everything failed which was told to us using the doomsday theories.  Poor doomsday experts were taken too seriously.  The doomsday experts must be the happiest creatures in universe because they are alive.  Since they are alive, it is the best proof that their theories were  crap.  We are yet to read an example of doomsday expert who had sold everything and came to streets to wait for doomsday. That does not happen in capitalist economy.  Doomsday experts are part of  bigger problem which is known as exploiting the fear to generate the money.   Now they stand EXPOSED.

I had kept this blog up since 2009.  I have written many entries here and thousands of the readers have been with me for all these years.  We come close to when site like this would become irrelevant.  Owner of one forum has already decided to shut down the site.  This site has been signed up to November 2013.  So, it is going to be up for good 11 months from now.

This is the last entry in this live post.  Here are two new updates.

The new doomsday dates have been announced:

Some claims that it has been shifted. No need to take it seriously.

And If you love Doomsday Jokes, read this:


 22-December, 2012 2:20 AM ET :

Its well said by someone that world just passing through a phase when it would be difficult to distinguish between fake and real.  Fake is so real that it looks real. Real is so original that it looks fake. This is the game played by con artists aka doomsday experts.

Here is one Mayan expert speaking on the subject.

Does it mean banks will no longer be greedy?


 22-December, 2012 1:00 AM ET :
I had anticipated that doomsday will fail. I listed some effects in an article which was written long back.   Check this article :
I had already listed the business aspects of the doomsday.  Those still hold true.


 22-December, 2012 12:10 AM ET :

The 24 hours have passed which were allocated to doomsday event as per the hyped theories.   The blame game has started.  Will the world take the doomsday experts seriously ever? Well, the acceptance will depend on how much polished crap is.  There will be new wave of the experts who will sell their theories under something or the other.

Mainstream media has begun the postmortem of what did not happen yesterday. The first of them is here.

Leading Doomsday Expert Patrick Geryl Preached something and did something else.

Take a look at this page once again, and think what makes sense now. Nothing of this makes sense.

Many people want to know who are the experts of doomsday.  Here is that short list for you:    Check in Proponents Section, you will get several names. Yes Patrick Geryl is there. 

If you wish to see some more authors who have banked on the False doomsday Prophesies, Check this here:


 21-December, 2012 11:30 PM ET :

This is what news papers have reported at the end of the day.

New York Times says, it is flop show.

See the cards in hands of girls in this news:

Leading Daily asks the experience of people.

Failed Doomsday is a reason to rejoice. The complete news here:

Finally here is someone who says, ‘wait’ the day has been postponed.,0,3955127.story


 21-December, 2012 9:30 PM ET :
I am getting bored with the theme now.  Since there is nothing to update now.  I am thinking of updating it finally at mid night ET now.


 21-December, 2012 9:30 PM ET :
I am getting bored with the theme now.  Since there is nothing to update now.  I am thinking of updating it finally at mid night ET now.
 21-December, 2012 6:30 PM ET :
The day is over. I called my friends in US, they all said in fact the day has been nice for them.  So where are the doomsday expert’s scene.  Or the scene from movie 2012 which was supposed to be played, there is nothing.
This day must be remembered as “Defeat of Most Giant Hoaxes and Lies” in human history. 


 21-December, 2012 4:50 PM ET :
Evening is almost here.  The day has been happier then ever and of course the FM radio has played nice songs today. It is all so good.  The world is prettier place and of course it is leading to great new horizons which we are exploring.  As the mind drifts towards the things which doomsday experts said, are no where.
Will update it more over. This is evening in US and night time for me where I am.  Next update early my morning.


 21-December, 2012 2:50 PM ET :
Noon is over, the evening is approaching the day.  I am sitting in a cafe and talking with friends. The traffic on the road is perfectly normal. Browsed some sites, listened to radio and did some other work.  There is nothing which is making sense or unusual anywhere in the world.
These updates are also getting shorter.


 21-December, 2012 12:50 PM ET :
Almost half day is over. There are no disturbing news from any where. Even big media houses ignored it.  Shame is pouring upon the so called experts of doomsday theories.  Wait and Watch more to follow.


 21-December, 2012 10:50 AM ET :
For last few hours, I have been outside, went into a mall roamed around, ate some food outside and most important saw the day as it went by. The local time here is 9:30 PM right now.  The day has been very nice and there is nothing to report from my place.

The newspaper Deccan Herald reports no casualty from all over the world.

Mexico welcomes new ERA —


 21-December, 2012 06:30 AM ET :
Many people from Australia wish to have the latest updates.  If you are from Australia, there is nothing to worry about. You must calm down first. Nothing is happening else where in the world.  It is like any other day. There is nothing special about it.  What ever you have heard or read about doomsday, is all false.  Here are three news sites which you can refer :


If you still have question, please post in comment section.
For rest of the world, it is great day for us.  There is no doomsday at all.  Just keep doing what you everyday happily. There are no exceptions today.

I have to go to market for purchasing few things.  It may take around 2 hours for me to return. As soon as I come back, the next update will be posted for sure.


 21-December, 2012 05:50 AM ET :
West coast is awake for last few hours. The eastern hemisphere is waking up now.  It is around 6 AM in New York and 4:20 at my place.  The day and nights have gone peacefully.  If you would have noticed, the world is today calmer then the other days.  For the doomsday experts and spiritual gurus, the new humanity is not still here. World has to live with old system.  This so-called doomsday has not changed anything except it has exposed the doomsday experts like never before.


There is no way to enter into Bugarach town. Police has sealed it.

NASA has released new video for debunking the claims of doomsday. Here you can read complete story.


 21-December, 2012 04:40 AM ET :

It is 3PM here at my location.  The day is approaching evening.  The kids are watching TV and I am on my laptop writing this. Everyone happy around me.  Have changed the TV Channels several times, there is no trace of doomsday news. Many readers have reached this website looking for live updates on doomsday around the world. This is the only site where you can find the most current events placed at single resource.

I have been watching the traffic stats, those are not very much encouraging.  Last year May 21, 2011 was rather busy time.  Anyways, lets continue to see whats new with doomsday related stuff. News and Media sources are still writing the stories which are either neutral or just informative.  The latest such is here :


CNET has got into the mode which is exploring doomsday gadgets.  They discovered ORB. are no disturbing news from any corner of the world.

 21-December, 2012 03:50 AM ET :

Is 18th August 2013 new date for doomsday? One of the readers reached this site using those words. It caught my attention.  That date is being promoted as alien invasion may take place that time.  If we believe the online reports, there are very few sources which tell you why it is so. This date is not credible and it is coming from most of the people who had not been in doomsday circles in the past. Take it seriously. No, not at all. This is an absurd idea like doomsday itself is.

Online media began taking on Doomsday prophets.  They deserve harsher treatment.  Wait for the date to be over. I will publish the full statement. Meanwhile, here is the news for you, it is coming from Telegraph.


 21-December, 2012 02:40 AM ET :

Checked the Weather Charts and Ice Data at various websites. It is normal there. Also checked the earthquake stats for today. Nothing reported so far. The reports from UK have begun to arrive. The leading news paper publishes the mocking news. It is candid humor. 

Latest from LA times makes it point that this is great news why we are here even now.,0,5700553.story
Surprisingly New Date of Doomsday has arrived.  It is 18th August 2013.  This new date is being marked when Aliens will attack earth. Sources :


 21-December, 2012 01:40 AM ET :
There is certain level of frustration among the people who are asking questions now.  No doomsday expert would ever have courage and answer these people who ask the clarifications Sample this:
Someone in a forum asked “Where is my death?” See this :

Jill Burcum, a Star Tribune editorial writer nails it down correctly. If you still are clueless why doomsday hoax, read her article, it is good and on the line which we had taken from the beginning of time with this blog site.

Indian News Paper Times of India calls it Mania:

Emirates 247 says NASA has come forward and clarified on the issue for next many years.

 21-December, 2012 00:20 AM ET :
Finally New York residents are in 21 December. It is mid night there.  It must be quiet night there. Press editors must be busy preparing for the news headlines for tomorrow news paper to be published.  Hopefully, doomsday hoax will find some space on the printed news paper.  I am watching live status of my internet sites at this time. All of them are usual and nothing has been reported across the servers. The traffic is normal. There  is nothing which provides me clue why it is doomsday.  If nobody tells you it is 21st December, you would not come to know because it is like any other day.

Mainstream media picked up the first story of the day. Here it is for you:


 20-December, 2012 11:20 PM ET :
It is 21st December here where I live.  It is beautiful morning.  Local time is 10 AM.  Sky is very clear and blue. The sun is shining outside and of course there is nothing on TV which would say this is doomsday.  So, it is apparently clear that it is doomsday.  The loud-mouth, cheeky and meek all sorts of doomsday experts must be hiding somewhere.  Do they feel any shame? I don’t think so. They have survived the theories because they could fool the world.
The doomsday theories and other things are so badly damaged that general public is not even bothered to check whats going on. TV news channels are absolutely  silent on doomsday specific news.  Here are some new pieces which you will find useful:
Discovery has posted an exclusive page for debunking doomsday
Many people are waiting to go to sites which are related to Mayans…/1048484/
whats happening around the world on doomsday — Answer is nothing.  The day is perfectly normal.
People in Perth Australia need not to worry. The doomsday is false and it is certainly a hoax.
December 21 2012  Doomsday has been proven wrong.
So, it is a perfect to look for nothing in doomsday experts head.  It is fine to see the world if Doomsday was here and nothing happened.
I will update this page again after one hour.
 20-December, 2012 12:23 PM ET :
If one has to see where the earthquakes have occurred in recent past, take a look at this page.
There is a long list of doomsday events presented in the past, good that all of them have been proven wrong.
BBC reported that it is purely unfair to understand the doomsday theories as they are
The latest from different towns of the world:
It is 23:00 at my place, I am thinking of sleeping now. I may be awake for some more time today.


 20-December, 2012 9:10 AM ET :

CNN has posted some running commentary on this phenomena. Very religious people are advising the masses, not to believe any of the doomsday rumors. Sara Knight joins the talk on why some people have psychology to believe the doomsday. Here you can read what she has to say :  It is certainly a very informative page to read. Indian Astrologers, Tarot Experts and Numerologists say,  21 December 2012 is perfectly a very happy day. They are good people and they have been in the business of prediction for many years. Here is what they told WSJ:  AOL Jobs site says, the phenomena can help the people to grow in their career. It is an interesting page Meanwhile, China has cracked on Doomsday Cult.  More than 1000 have been arrested for misleading the people.  Do you think doomsday experts are waiting for their shame moments? They are like politicians. They will give you another date for sure.  Just watch those fat experts speaking except from their head.  Don’t listen to them.


20-December, 2012 8:10 AM ET :Where I am right now, it is still 20th December here.  I traveled on my bike today. I watched sky clearly. If there is anything which makes sense doomsday wise.  Sky is very clear. It is winter time here. Wind has chill factor. The traffic on the road is was not very heavy.  Just sometimes back, we have switched on TV. It is absolutely normal. No news channel is showing anything related to doomsday.  I just went in a forum to see if people are discussing anything about doomsday. There are not many people talking about it.  Will be back with more news. Keep watching this page.



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