Doomsday Money Beyond 2012

Is money in bank worth after doomsday?

Many people have this question in their mind. The currencies of the world have time as variable. No currency is for ever. Each of the available currencies have the value on the scale of the time. There is very long list of modern currencies which do not hold any value now.

The big question is what are those things which have timeless value and are always on the rise. In the situation of doomsday scenarios, the modern currencies and the money in bank have the risk factor involved. You may have watched your balance in the bank almost daily. What would happen if your bank is no more after doomsday?

The need for us is to find out the valuable things which will still have the trading value after doomsday. The gold and other precious metals come in the mind of anyone. But what if people do not have money to buy them. The precious metals are last priority for the people to buy when they are fighting for the survival.

Your knowledge can be traded for real value in the aftermath of doomsday.  The food is going to be the most valuable commodity after doomsday. Nobody can predict how the bargain and barter system is going to be after. The food and the security against the natural calamities would hold the real value.

Improve your knowledge of the natural powers and the phenomena. That is going to help you even if doomsday does not come. Count on your ability to build the bridges, new homes and shelters when the doomsday is over. Beyond this, it is pretty difficult to predict the balance of the power in the post doomsday world.

The above thoughts are based upon the currency fluctuations and the trading values in the market. The currencies are certainly volatile. What you can buy today, tomorrow it may cost you more or may be out of reach for you.

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