Doomsday Psychology and Alternate Paths

One wonders how these the theory related to doomsday are cooked and used as a tool to meet the goals.  Actually one has to understand the mechanics of cults and the groups who think either they are not from earth or they have power of faith in their favor.  Lets deal with the first issue of cooking a perfect doomsday theory and its predictions.

It all starts with an idea and someone starts toying with the religious books. The idea is mixed with science and here-say news content. A sketchy draft is prepared and circulated among the group whose member start believing the theory. The next step goes to find someone from active media groups who can publish the stories. Power of internet is used for creating websites and spreading the words using social media. Soon you find that a new doomsday or end-of the world theory has been born.

Psychological effects on society and community are very strong and many people start looking at the options which can be used for escaping just in case it happens.  Fighting doomsday theories is no easy task. It is like fighting a psychological and propaganda war without any preparation. Should governments intervene? May and may be not. Governments do not want to intervene because it would be deemed as  censoring the free-speech.

Alternate paths do exist for avoiding the flood of such theories. One is, do not take these doomsday 2012 theories too seriously. No expert left their sea-front houses so far and they do not have plans to do so.

You must find the ways to stay mentally healthy and remain so without being influenced by the garbage of doomsday stuff around us.

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