Doomsday Tattoo Influenced by Art and Film

Doomsday Tattoos are the craze these days and will remain till end of the 2012.

A tattoo on the back or visible parts of the body is something which people think can place you look like you support the popular culture of the modern times. Tattoo artists draw the inspiration from various elements. Generally Tattoos represent the subtle thoughts of supporting the one or other theories or the thoughts. Getting tattoo of the things which are close to your heart shows that you are the one who displays your admiration of various things and ideas. Now coming back to doomsday stuff. There are various themes which can be played with tattoo art. Here are some of doomsday tattoo design ideas:

Maya Calendar based tattoo designs
Dragon eating earth depicting doomsday scene in the background
Doomsday written in letters on your back
Specially conceived and designed Doomsday Tattoos
Tattoos inspired by Maya culture
Survivor signs being tattooed
Doomsday chaos showing designs
Planet Niburu being shown hitting earth
Big size tattoo of the elements

You can have ideas from many things around you. When thinking of doomsday tattoo designs, focus your ideas on earth, sun, life and natural elements. You can come up with the best designs. The other art forms and various elements from movies and films can be mixed together to produce the new designs.

A doomsday tattoo girl in the movie got it on her face. Well, in real life that must be something which can be extreme. If you are not ready to get it for the life time, get them of temporary types and remove them when you feel you should look different than being tagged with doomsday. You may like to get them printed on your back, forearms and other parts. You need to remember few things. Doomsday of 2012 is not confirmed. In that case, such permanent tattoo would not hold its significance after 2012. You would have difficult time removing permanent doomsday tattoo. Be careful of the tattoos and their type when you get them. If you are too keen to get one, it is suggested that get the tattoo which can be removed easily.

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