Doomsday Underground Shelter from Vivos

Doomsday 2012 can mean good business for those who are ready to invest lots of money. The only condition to reap business is that, doomsday should occur and It should occur in limited way because the company which is investing money, must have the value for money outside the shelter houses.

Vivos Group seems have taken the doomsday prophecies little more seriously. The company is constructing 20 underground shelters to house 3400 people. These shelter houses would be able to keep people there for 1 year.  These shelters are expected to be ready by mid 2011.  The cost living there in these houses is not known. The construction cost of one shelter unit is being told to be more than $10 million.

Now comes, the shocker.  The investment has been made by the people who are supposed to be visionary.  Any venture capitalist would tell you, investment in doomsday ideas, is worst of its kind. What if, the doomsday does not occur. The investment would go to no returns. And who would like to live in these houses underground while the houses and the beautiful world is available on the ground and you would be able to see beautiful sky.

The business sense, is that 3400 people from all over the world, would buy these houses in advance before 2012. The company may be hopeful that it would be able to sell these units well before the 2012 hits.  I seriously doubt if someone would be ready to buy a unit. The crazy heads are no less than few numbers.  You need to be little rich to buy one of these units for you. But Why would you need them if doomsday and end of the world is not occurring even in next century.

Just in case, if you are still interested to take a look at these houses.

Personally, I do not not endorse these houses and I think it would be wasteful investment to buy or rent these houses.

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