Exposed Teacher Wang, No Doomsday but Police Action for Sure

Wang Chao-hung aka Teacher Wang bites the dust with his prediction of doomsday on 11th May 2011. There is no doomsday. Teacher Wang would have realized his mistake. According to the news reports, Teacher Wang is in the custody of Taiwanese police.

Having the false prophet who wished to take the citizens on the ride. According to Taipei Times news, government was criticized by the public for not taking action. There are many such people who think they can generate the revenues over-night by spreading the rumors.

Be it Teacher Wang or someone, there has to be sensitivity involved because Taiwan is a coastal country where rumors such as this one could play very negative role among the community. Am I happy with Teacher Wang being wrong? I am happy because his prediction went wrong. Equally, my sympathy is with his family members who have to face the tough times because of foolishness of teacher Wang.

There would be some laws in Taiwan to prevent people from spreading the rumors. For any bad rumor, the media and TV channels are equally responsible. Why they have to beam the news of the hoax and that which can affect the public negatively.

So this time Teacher Wang is wrong, next is the turn of the Harold Camping and his media team which would be proven wrong. It is just one week time from now when you would hear that Harold Camping are not available for comment.

Teacher Wang is not organized while Harold Camping and his group is organized and they know how to make it look credible to make more money with the campaign which is based on hearsay pieces.

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