Extended Winter this Year 2012 Indicates nothing unusual

Today is 9th Feb of 2012 and the temperature outside in Delhi this morning has been unusually low. Even Mumbai reported 8.8c.  There is big freeze in Europe and else where. The TV channels are beaming the news broadcasts of the images of frozen rivers and lakes. Somewhere in Serbia, the government is planning to blow up the ice on the river.  There can be flood situation as well because large quantity of ice would melt.  It makes no sense, because the heat generated would go away very fast. I do not think it would either melt the ice.  For melting ice, the sustained heat is required.  Let’s come back to the main issue of the extended winter this year. Almost everyday we hear the temperature has broken one or the other record. So for the record, the low temperature may seem unusual in February but this is not something which is happening first time.

So, is it extended winter or something else like purported La-Nina the sister of Al-Nino.  La-Nina is a natural phenomena and it is being heard on TV that it is occurring this year. There are no evidences so far to see if there would be any pleasant summers this year. La-Nina vanishes every year as the June hits the Calendar.  As the June comes, I and my friends keep checking the weather charts for any rain and the rains do not come or if it rains then it is very low every year. So, from the point of the view of the person who does not have the Phd in weather systems, It is beyond understanding, what is happening to earth.  I am just like you who is scratching the head to figure out the threats of doomsday what the relationship of the current weather is.

It is worth of mentioning here that the temperature around Noon everyday these days, is not so low. It is heat and the sun shine is felt on the skin. As the 2PM hits, you would say it is not winter.  But as the evening comes, you would change the mode to yes, it is winter.  It happens every year. Nothing unusual I can find to link it with so called doomsday of any year.

I end this post here. I am on the road and had good time writing it. My destination is just near by and will come back if the time permits.

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