False Countdown to Doomsday 2012

Many sites are blogs have those doomsday counters and clocks going in Days, hours, Minutes and Seconds format.  Those scrolling numbers mean nothing. Why? Read Further.

As popular date of doomsday is 21 December 2012. Many sites posted the lengthy discussions focusing on particular date. Since doomsday is considered a hoax so are these counters. As people like to read and think of something sensational. The doomsday counters or count down to doomsday 2012 offer some moments of thrills and fun. Many people may mistake them for real. All these doomsday counters take the base time of their beginning or placement date as main anchor and would become zero on 12:00 AM 21 Decemeber 2012. That count zero does not point to anything. Neither a counter going backward would approach the doomsday nor the end of the counter would mean that it is the end of the world.

Nasa Explains clearly why the world would not end, you can read in following page

NASA – 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won’t End?

The counters do not mean anything from the logical perspective.  Some of the questions of larger perspective has been answered in details.

The doomsday count down buttons, logos , counters and backward going clocks are available at many sites. They are nothing more than programmed backward counting mechanism. They have nothing to do with doomsday. The doomsday counters fuel the rumors as many people may begin to keep their track of the reducing numbers.

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