Fast Generate Doomsday Predictions with Automated Tools and Become an Expert

The famous doomsday prophecies may have their roots in little or more wisdom but if you look at the modern doomsayers, the things are not very intelligent. Doomsday predictions can be generated on the fly now. It is all possible because of the power of the web. Imagine a very thick book which has thousands of the pages and you have search for few words in that book. It would take very long time to find the words of your choice in that particular book. The internet and search engines can be used for searching any words and their relationship with nothing sort of intelligent.

The search engines are the best doomsday prediction tools which can generate predictions as you wish. You do not need to worry about the relationship with logic because no doomsday expert ever made the sense to the public. Just do some manual editing on what you get and frame your sensational sentences. You get the best of what could be termed as fake predictions of doomsday. The chances are there that you would be able to predict the doomsday better than Harold Camping did.

The list of failed doomsday predictions is very long. It would few of your predictions as well. So, ultimately, you are going to be in the list of doomsday experts. I am not encouraging you to make the frivolous claims. Just be reasonable. This piece of article is satire and spoof.

The other intelligent experts have gone little too far as they have books based on the unrelated facts. All the way to thanks to Google and other search engines. A doomsday expert was not possible to come out with so much speed in the past. The accelerated growth of the doomsday experts is because of media attention and the power of manipulation and money.

If you know the scripting, you can make your own doomsday prediction generating tool which would search and assemble the results for you. May be you are the next well known doomsday expert who is sensational and appealing.

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