Games People Play in 2012 Doomsday Forums and Discussion Boards

I have been checking few forums and discussion boards to see what sort of discussions are going on there. Most of those interactions of the people can be categorized easily. The patterns and trends emerge on how people react to the doomsday news which is shown on their local TV channels. As for the first time when someone sees or hears the doomsday dates, he heads directly to the web and he wants to talk with someone. The doomsday sites which are full of the theories, confuse the person more over. The common topics of the discussions are something like:

1. Is Planet Niburu real?
2. I am scared of doomsday. Is there any way to escape?
3. Are there any doomsday signs?
4. Will UFO and Aliens arrive in 2012?
5. Is news of May 21 2011 Doomsday true?
6. What will happen after doomsday of 2012 or any doomsday?
7. If human race survives, will there be any social order change?
8. Are doomsday bunkers expensive?
9. Are earthquakes and tsunamis signs of doomsday?
10. How would I know when end is near?

People ask the questions and people answer them. Some people try to remove the fear and levels of anxiety by telling the people that doomsday is a hoax and they do not need to worry. While this is all happening, someone posts new thread telling that he is having weird dreams which are full of doomsday scenarios. You never know what to do for the people who have begin to feel scared.

Also, many owners of the doomsday sites participate in the forums. Sometimes, the authors of the books also promote their books in these forums. The forums and discussion boards of doomsday 2012 related material, do not do the full justice with the themes. The users come back either being more confused or thinking that they need to read more. They go to another board, where the same story is repeated. Yes, many users open the same thread at many discussion forums.

The game goes on. In the meantime, some of those users come to the sites which are debunking doomsday. It gets all more complicated because neither supporters nor the debunkers offer full explanations of their beliefs. If you just have read the doomsday related news for the first time or you are here reading this post, take all the doomsday related sites little less seriously. You need to understand, you would not get the right picture of being someone right or wrong. You have to form a belief whether doomsday is true or false according to the facts you discover.

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