Genealogy Changes in 2012 Doomsday Scenario

Bad Science can be twisted to suit the ends and genealogy is one of them.

Genealogy is a science of studying family tree which can be formed using the public records and tracing them back to the early ancestors.  Genealogy has become very popular in last few years. More people are looking forward to trace their roots.  On paper, it all looks good and easy. One can not find the roots beyond few centuries. The historical point comes where you hit the wall. You can not go beyond that.  Lets examine the scenario when this wall is shifted to 2012 and future generations are not able to go beyond that because the records will not exist because of doomsday events.

The above scenario has many serious issues and logical problems. First is, almost all doomsday theorists believe that time will again restart after doomsday.  Even the biggest earth-shaking events can not wipe out all the records, buildings and the systems.  Even the complete doom will leave few survivors. The material goes nowhere.  The material like metal, steel, and other structures are going to be here. The survivors can use the remaining resources to build the future from there.

Second is, such large scale doomsday event can do  harm but will not change it for ever. What is the connection of genealogy and doomsday 2012. Apparently nothing except having mentions in the theories and doomsday books. Anyone who used resources to trace his or her roots and have written that, that is going to be available. The technology is much advanced to restore the digital records. Nothing to worry on that front.

Genealogical changes  in 2012 are not possible because genealogy is still not an established science.  It is still based upon unverified records which might be true and false as well. The DNA tracing is more established to find out more about races on earth. Even if doomsday in 2012 comes, still DNA techniques will be available to trace the origins.

And finally, There is no proof to say that time will restart after improbable and impossible doomsday of 2012.

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