General Questions of Public on Doomsday Plans

What are your Doomsday Plans in 2012?

This is the question which I and my friends took to several people on the road and in the streets of various cities. For last 2 years, I have been asking people in the trains andĀ busesĀ and anywhere I get chance to strike the conversation. Different people answered the questions differently.

Generally people do not care whether it is doomsday or something else. Most of the people said, they believed in living in current times and they really do not care even if the doomsday date is correct. Also the responses included the replies of having no plans at all of any kind so far. I never met a person who told me of having any plans for doomsday. For many people, doomsday meant something of retirement type. Even after the retirement, the people get some assurance from the insurance companies that they would be paid for their investment in various scheme. The doomsday is a different animal because if it is true, it would eat everything you see. So, why to worry. And according to the people in the streets, all doomsday plans will fail if doomsday occurs.

Above sentiments of the people are true to certain extent but largely they do not hold any substance to examine. As stated earlier, the masses are not worried and are living undisturbed life everywhere. The people in Bugarach, France did not know until the crowd started to come there and changed the life of beautiful town for ever.

At this site, you can view several pages which I have listed for doomsday plans just in case you are interested to know further. There is no mechanism to check and verify the theories of doomsday. Doomsday may be a fraud or the hoax or may be true. We would not come to know its validity until the date of 21 December, 2012 passes. As the time is going by and doomsday clocks are ticking the seconds and showing the doomsday time in reverse, it is difficult to ignore such things but you must learn to avoid the sensational hoaxes.

This site will be updated more often now and as and when we find something interesting to share with our readers, we will post the material online. There are many copy and paste artists who steal content from this site. does not authorize any other site or online venture to use our content in any forms.

Year 2012 will be interesting for many reasons. Olympic Games will also be held in London next year. The public interest in 2012 is not building for many reasons. Europe is facing several problems and recent rumors of DOW pulling out as sponsor of the event has sparked several speculations. The events depicted in movie 2012 were of fiction. There is no reason why games should not be held. Best of luck for Games in 2012!

The internet traffic for doomsday related sites remains all time low. It would have been otherwise if Harold Camping was silent in 2011. The theme has gone now. Year 2012 has good scope for everyone. The fun part of 2012 doomsday must be made more interesting but it should not hurt people anyways. For me, 2012 doomsday has some entertainment value as doomsday experts prove that they are biggest fools with books in their hands and yelling at the people for buying their books. It is interesting to see doomsday experts shouting and their acrobatics fail to have attention of the people. They offer interviews and previews of their books for free. I get at least 10 such requests every week. One of the well known doomsday experts offered me to write some exclusive reviews of his material at my site. I declined that offer. I am not in the game, I am an observer.

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