Glimpses of 2012 from 2009

This is year 2009 and world is going crazy with the dooms day prediction in 2012.  Someone has found Maya Calendar and everyone has their own explanations.  Internet is flooded with sites and scams which are targeting the people who are looking for genuine information on phenomena.

Look at the internet, use keyword 2012 on Google, Yahoo and Bing. What you see! Lots of absurd e-books have been written and many writers have sit down with serious intentions to cash on the media frenzy.  It is perfect situation for the people to cash on media hypes.

There are no stats available for how much these people have earned by selling eBooks and other products.  A general search revealed that there are sites which have started selling the survival kits for 2012.  Do you really need them? There are more such mindless products will launched in future as well. It is too much of noise around 2012.

Most of these sites have nothing to do with 2012, all they have is business and some absurd products to sell. People must be buying these.

Something is missing from the scene.  Yeah, it is those groups which come out in open and say 2012 is going to take them to heaven.  Meaning is cult groups.  Smart people have not formed group so far, or may be those are not reachable with search engines.

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