Harold Camping Fails The May 21, 2011 Judgement Day

It is 1 AM Eastern Time. For those who do not understand the time zones, it is May 22, 2011  1:00 AM in New York. The date has already changed in the rest of the parts of the world.

Harold Camping’s prediction went wrong. There is no judgement day.  Now Teacher Wang and Harold Camping join the lost chord together and we can equate them because both of them were proven wrong as the world did not end as they predicted.

For his followers who took his words little too seriously; Choose whom you follow very carefully.  For Harold Camping, the opportunity meant money. I have been telling this for long that Harold Camping’s tactics resemble the guerrilla marketing ways.  If it has been so, Harold Camping successfully created a campaign and cashed on it.  You can not even think of doing the same if you do not know how to manipulate media and most important how to plant the fake story.

Harold Camping’s group is not poor, There are 2009 tax fillings available all over the web.  You can guess the business and the money it had over the period of time.  It is really beyond various thinking heads, where all this would go. Harold Camping lost nothing except few followers who may turn away. But for someone who took Harold Camping’s words seriously, it is mix of world for him after his prophecy failed.  It is beautiful to see another day living and world being here this morning is a beautiful feeling.

For someone who has waited for the world to end and it did not end, would mean that he or she may change herself for better. It is a realization which must be brought upon to change us all and become loving and caring towards each other.  Let Harold Camping make his next thousand prophecies, You just keep away from all of them. Love your friends, family and the world around you.  Nice to see you here and smiling. Your smile is beyond the price of anything.  Keep love and smile alive!

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