Hindu God is Expected to Arrive in 2012

Many believe Kalki God or Bhagavan is coming in 2012. or has already come?

Here is new twist in the saga of hoaxed 2012 doomsday.  Hindu God Kalki is expected arrive in 2012. There are many experts of Vedas and Puranas who are making claims that Kalki will arrive as the Doomsday events begin.

According to these experts, Kalki is going to kill almost all the thieves and the people who are not pure at heart.  He will take the form of four-armed man and will complete his mission. According to the books, he will not come from sky. He will be born. But why only 2012? If such a man has to do something in 2012, he must exist now on earth and he must have taken birth at least 10 to 18 years before. He can attain an age of the body and he can fight.  Mythologists are in two categories. One who does the research on the books and the other, who are empty-mind and know just the sensational part of the books.

Kalki God coming in 2012,  seems to be a thought originated in the mind of the second type of the experts and mythologists. Let’s assume doomsday 2012 does not happen. Will these experts take responsibility if Kalki God does not arrive as per the itinerary set by these so-called experts.  No one has account of responsibility for baseless and weird predictions.

Let’s go further,  there is a gentle man called Vijay Kumar in Tamilnadu, India.  H has declared himself one of the God and that God by chance is Kalki. Vijay Kumar or Kalki Bhagavan has controversial past and from any point of view, calling him God does not do justice to almighty.  If he is going to be the one who is going save the humanity in 2012, what is he waiting for? There is enough evil in the world and his ashrams which can be starting point for him for cleaning the mess. TV9 did a news piece on this man.

The truth is always before us. It is us who think world is biased against the Godly elements walking on earth.

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