If 2012 Doomsday Prophecy Fails

What is going to happen if 2012 doomsday prophecy fails.  Well, the stakes are already on the boards. There are many aspects of this issue. I am going to discuss few areas like market, cults, social system and more.

First Market

The internet has many stores which are selling supplies related to survival if doomsday in 2012 occurs.  These sites and stores would have accomplished their goals by the end of the 2012.  As January 2013 begins, most of these sites would go off-line because their purpose would be over.  As I mentioned, these stores and sites are expected to generate revenue more than $666 Million.  That was rough figure.  The failure of 2012 prophecy will make them rich and they will have enough money to live well in the future.  The mainstream market does not see any sort of possibility of 2012 doomsday prophecy coming true.


This is the probably the area which has maximum exposure to doomsday theories.  There may be many underground groups forming and making hype of 2012 prophecies and attracting and enrolling more members. The danger is eminent there because the members of such groups create problems and sometimes they take drastic steps to end their lives. It has happened earlier when comet appeared.  The member of cult groups would go in the modes of prayers and as expected doomsday prophecy will fail. There would be many cult leaders who would come out to claim that their faith has moved the doomsday date to future.  Their followers are going to believe them blindly. According to religious gurus, we are slated to have deferred doomsday date.  As some one already claimed that world is going to end in 2043.

Social System and Science

There are not going to be any noticeable effects on the society and community. The world will go on with its ways. Doomsday failure will not have any impact in any part of the world. People are going to sigh with relief that stupid doomsday experts are wrong again.  Already there is interest in the theories and many mainstream scientists have already debunked the theories. With failure of doomsday prophecy, the science would emerge stronger.

Finally Doomsday Experts

If they go wrong, they would need to explain why the hyped event did not occur.  I can find the voices online which have predicted many dates in 2012. So if one goes wrong, they can wait for another. Thats the game, experts play. Any well known doomsday expert is going to loose his reputation. But, does he really care? He would have sold his books in million copies already and hardly care if doomsday predictions are true or false.

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