If UFO and Aliens Come in 2012

There are many run-down scenarios what would happen if UFOs and Aliens come calling in 2012 and especially around doomsday of 2012.

Much of it will certainly depend on what you expect.  The folk-lore, legends, sci-fi stories, movies and novels have painted both types of pictures; rosy and scary.

Positive UFO and Aliens depicted in mediums:

1. Aliens are caring and they love to mix in social settings.

2. They are willing to be friendly and establish ties.

3.  They can understand the human emotions and best they can talk to us as well.

Scary Images depicted in various mediums:

1. They are ugly faced creatures.

2. They do not understand our languages and worse they can not translate it and we can’t work with their language.

3. They need plasma of blood to live and they are not friendly.

What would happen if aliens are mix of above two types. Some of them are friendly while others are not. It would certainly create many problems.

Suppose, if earth is already in trouble with the looming dangers of doomsday and at that time aliens come to capture the earth.  The humans would need to choose the enemy to fight first.

Some people argue that governments are preparing to tell the truth to its people and that may happen before 2012. The full disclosure from government may reveal some new facts like they already have established contacts with them and now aliens are safer to be with.

There may be another scenario that aliens are not equipped with technology to save world. And if the come to earth during that time, someone would have to save them as well.

The alien technology may be useless for us and there may be some social and political challenges to deal with new settings which would arise. According to Stephen Hawking, it is better that Aliens are not calling us back because they may not be friendly.

Doomsday 2012 may not be the right time for them come and visit us.  Just2012.com does not have credible sources to believe if aliens are coming. We can not really confirm their existence and can not deny as well.

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