Increased Sale of Doomsday Bunkers and Approaching May 21

There are some news reports which point that the sale of doomsday bunkers have increased by many folds during the past few weeks. The increased demand is being attributed to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. However, there is another doomsday prophecy which is nearing. That is May 21 2011 which may people think is going to be true. The Bible group has their way of telling the things. It is good for Vivos to book those expensive doomsday bunkers which had not been sold so far. Sometimes the prophecies and the media news works great for selling the things. The news of catastrophic events is the best marketing material for Vivos which may expand its base if the demand increases.

The Bible group says that doomsday has the fixed time now. It would be around 6PM on May 2011 when doomsday would be experienced. It is height of the belief in something which does not seem real even now. It all seems to be leading to several issues. People may line-up for buying those bunkers. There may be long queues at the offices of Vivos. There are no signs of doomsday yet but the media news may gear it up so well that Vivos earns profits from this whole affair.

Those doomsday bunkers are not located outside US. In other parts of the world, the people are saved from buying those bunkers which are of no-use beyond few years even if doomsday occurs. It is still maintained that Doomsday is a Hoax.

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