Indian Weather and Doomsday 2012

Indian Desert is turning Green and experiencing Flood for the first time.

New Delhi this year is seeing very high temperature.  The weather system is so well disturbed this year that it is unpredictable the next move of the monsoon this year. We are not seeing the re-run of past history. Every day, the newspaper is reporting the broken records of high temperatures. While one day of May was also recorded as the coolest one as well.

These disturbed weather pattern indicate something. Apparently nothing. May to August 2010 will remain hot like any other year. There is no correlation with the doomsday or anything. Indian weather sometimes is at the mercy of the astrologers and the scientists who are no better at the art. Cyclones and storms have been part of Indian weather for many years. The al-nino has severe effect here but 2010 is supposed to be the cooler than before if we believe what weather department told us during the long range forecast for the  weather ahead.

The problem lies with the global warming. The Indian desert is not growing anymore. The data shows that it is shrinking every year. The desert is having more trees and greenery. If you look at the few cities in deserts, there the flood is occurring and some of the population in these places had never seen flood in their lifetime earlier.

Doomsday is very subjective term. It has no relation with these patterns. And 2012 doomsday may not be real one but few greedy countries and these weather patterns may create one in few years.

More caution must be exercised when terming and linking weather patterns with doomsday.  There is no relationship what so ever with doomsday 2012 to Indian monsoon or weather systems.  The data of the rains and heat point that what we are seeing now, has occurred in the past as well.  Rest everything or repeatability of such events is just co-incidence and nothing else.

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