Individual Ids can help in Doomsday

Bio-chips can identify person when the large level destruction occurs.

Many people do not know how to prove they are who they are. Generally people have the papers to show that their name is real and they are not fake.  Actually the problem occurs when a stranger is found dead with no where about of his address and no clue about his name.  If someone could make the bio-chips which can be implanted in body of the all humans. The body scanner can find the details even after the death.  Such idea would solve many problems for law enforcement agencies as well.

In doomsday scenarios, it is difficult to prove who survived and who died. The bio-chips with complete data can make this job easy.  Bio-chip can be fed the results of DNA tests. The same result can be used for identifying the person anytime. It would solve the problem of crime as well.

How it would help if doomsday of 2012 occurs. The first benefit is that almost everyone will have his DNA test completed and the results can show who has more chances of survival and what sort of work can be given them after doomsday.  The records can be fed in one central computer and almost every government department must have the access. Such Bio chips can incorporate the details like SSN and others.

There are many such possibilities beyond giving the identity proof to the people. Bio chips or body scanner can work better.

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