Is Doomsday 2012 Good for Anyone?

Can Doomsday be Good for Someone?

It is the matter of perception. Like humans have the abilities to distinguish and differentiate between threats and opportunities.  Many view Doomsday as the looming threat which can wipe out the life on earth. While many think that it is an opportunity to cash.

For example take the case Ines Sainz who has gained the celebrity status.  She can become brand ambassador for saving the humanity cause.  She may hope to get more coverage of the media and lime light.  Such endorsements can earn great amount of money for her.  The celebrities have more chances to earn better money with Doomsday Hype than anyone else.

Halloween Costumes manufacturers can play with idea of doomsday 2012 themes. It all looks good for them selling more of the costumes to people who will have fun with the costumes. It would be beneficial for the companies to ride the wave of hype.

Games like Halo Reach can have the elements of doomsday in future editions.  It may sell well. A story set in the background of doomsday can do wonders. The market is ripe for such products. The customers are available to buy them have fun with the doomsday themes.

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg has money and resources to launch the services which are doomsday specific. Mark is an example of the mind which can create anything as successful as facebook. Sounds good for the new entrepreneurs. Yes, there are many people who would just want to make money as fast as possible with doomsday themes. The serious efforts in building the social networking sites which can keep on functioning even after doomsday would be of good tags to get the people coming back again to make sure that they have ways to connect even in the worst case scenario.

People like Eddie Long need to learn their lessons well.  The way these people function, they have nothing for them in doomsday themes. You never know what way they manipulate media with influence and the power.  At the end of it, Eddie might think of calling his supporters and followers to believe something ridiculous around doomsday themes which would circle around his mind and his psychological problems.  May God Give him Some Sense of Responsibility.

And Finally, If you are waiting for superman to arrive, that is not going to happen. Doomsday theme is very captivating and it has potential to be manipulated as the way people want it to be.

Certainly, few guys would be laughing to their banks. Watch for the action which comes with doomsday theories.

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