Is Doomsday 2012 History Channel Report Biased?

Doomsday 2012 : End of the days is a documentary by History channel. It was aired in 2008 for the first time.  The video opens with the expert talking on several issues.  The video runs for hour or so and it presents the views of several prominent experts. The video is being sold at the online shop of history channel. It has been one of the most sold videos in the times of history channel.  This video contains good material which can be used for understanding the doomsday 2012 theme up to certain extent.

When this video came out for the first time, the viewers reacted sharply and criticism began to pour in. Some of the reactions also included the history channel dubbing as promoting superstition and fueling the themes which are primarily hoax. History channel’s video may be what can be called as promotion of hoax. The surprise element is that someone from a well known channel took note of the hoax and made a video on that. You are not wrong. It is not debunking it. It is supporting the doomsday ideas.  There are no doubts why this video is one of the most discussed topics on the discussion boards online.

This 94 minute long video does leave some space for curious quest. The viewers end-up believing what they see on their screen than exploring it further. If a person like you and me have to explore the hoaxes, we have limited tools. When an expert or subject matter expert tells you something, you may believe in that theme.

History channel made some money with the sale of the video. Now the same video is available with bonus video of Mayan Doomsday Prophecy. History channel must have taken neutral views of it and must have presented the balanced opinion showing the viewers how a doomsday hoax made to the newspapers and most importantly electronic media.

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