Is Doomsday Universal Event?

Is so called Doomsday of 2012 limited to Earth only?

I have never heard an expert telling the Doomsday of 2012 is universal event. Most of them have warned, told and retold the great fiction stories of having impact on earth only.  Certainly, the experts are myopic and have all the strength being focused on the scaring people that it is going to an end.  Beyond that, the valid question is if doomsday occur, will the focus be only earth?

There can not be several views.  If  something is going to come out from the earth and engulf the species on earth, that may have the earth as coverage area. But if something is coming from the sky, then there is possibility that it would affect other planets as well.  In that case it can be labeled as Universal Doomsday of 2012.  The universe can not be destroyed by the doomsdays because the event scale of that nature is not possible. Even to destroy the galaxy, the black holes have capabilities to do so. but there are no chances of any such occurrence so far.

The myopic vision of the experts have made us enough scared and those experts are not able to think beyond the fish ponds.  Seems like they never look at the sky.  If doomsday occurs in 2012, it is going to universal event otherwise, its impact would be limited and not on the large scale.  There is no possibility of any such event coming to near the scale.

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