Is Earth Expanding and Causing Sinkholes?

There are various hypothesis which are being surfaced and raised from no-where for explaining the growing number of sinkholes all over the world.  There are some possible explanations why these events are occurring more over.  There is no single reason to either prove or deny the evidences. The sinkholes can appear if the water below earth has created cavity and the water evaporated leaving the large hole below the earth. The weight of sands or the earth soil cave in and the sinkhole appeared. It all sounds to explain what has happened in Guatemala and it was a very big hole in the center of a city.  It still looks weird how that round shape hole would appear from no where.  The other feature of that sink hole is that it has symmetry. It has no rough edges. The perfect circle without any aid of the machine, is amazing. Coming back to the sinkholes. The other theory proposes that earth has nothing inside except the hollowness.

As the theory proposes that earth is hollow and the sinkholes are natural to appear.  It sounds bit theory taken little too far to explain. The earth is not uniformly hollow. It may be empty at some points but it is not everywhere. The earth is filled with water and that ground water is as real as earth is. So what happens when the ground water level is all gone. The water would leave the empty space behind where it was filled, that has been drilled out to drink and make your soft-drinks as well.

The earth may be growing but its rate is not alarming. The star-dust makes what earth is today.  The theories exaggerate the scale and rate both when they report the growth of earth.  This type of growth is natural and is accepted. There are other theories which go on proposing that earth is expanding or contracting.  There seems no substance in them.

All above natural phenomena are not linked with doomsday and the basis of that linking is faulty. So, no worries, the sink holes are not artificial and no aliens made them. There is no danger of having a sink hole suddenly where you least expect. The world goes on living the great days on this planet earth.

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