Is Focus on Judgement Day of October 21 2011 or Just Another Hoax

With Harold Camping taking back seat and being in bad health at this stage of life is certainly giving the beaten looks to doomsday theories. Judgement day of October 21, 2011 is not being reported as it was the case of May 21, 2011. You need to understand the themes which were being played by several experts. Suddenly the experts have vanished and nobody is making enough news these days for the doomsday theories. Certainly the focus is not on the October 21, 2011, as there was no major incident citing the true nature of the events. Nothing happened on May 21, 2011 and soon after that Harold Camping fell ill. Many people sympathized with the man and of course he deserves that.

Coming back to the probable and false judgement day of 2011 would also prove to be hoax. This time the marketing companies are not making enough efforts to garner the publicity and media gimmicks .  I can see the media is taking very cautious approach to the news and stories emerging out the doomsayers.  The dooms day is not that way popular in culture in news.  You can think of the lost opportunities due to May 21 being false. Now almost all the sites are suffering because the cover was taken off too early.  Neither Harold Camping gets anything nor the supporters.

Judgement day of October will prove to be another hoax for sure. There are no reasons it can be true.  The good thing is that many monthly billed sites have gone away soon after may 21, 2011 was no show for doom events.  One can easily figure out now that there is something wrong with the things which do not have any base. The doomsday experts will vanish and the end of the world as told to be on October 21, 2011 is not going to happen. In that case, no serious doomsday expert will like to put his reputation on stake.  I do not see any wise guy doing that. What is the need of doing that when you can talk and write the symbols.

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