Is France, Bugarach place safer?

Small Village Bugarach in France is in spotlight with the 2012 Doomsday Theme.

None knows how it started. Thousands of the people are arriving in Bugarach. There are many travel sites which are selling the tours of village.  The frenzied village does not know how to respond to such a demand which came uncalled.  The population of the village used to be just 192 according to last census.  The rush of people would not only trouble the settled people there but also it would create new issues.

There are some unverified reports of aliens being seen there. The village in is in the valley of mountains. Sea is not very far away from here. It is lower France location.  It is beyond apprehensions that how can this place be safer.  The elevation is this place is not so high that raging sea waves will not reach it.

As far as the aliens and UFO go in Bugarach, that seems to be cooked story which is making rounds online.  The crowd which is coming to this village will create problems at social and economical level. Generally villages have limited stock of food and water with other supplies.

Going by the news, it seems someone would need to open departmental stores there.  Ideally, such places must be protected and there must be laws to govern the land use and owning property must be stricter there.

Mayor of the Bugarach is rightly worried because he is able to see problems coming.  I would not really encourage the people to panic and trouble the people of this  small village of Bugarach.

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