Is Hoax of May 21, 2011 Scaring You and Your Friends?

Well, you must know that May 21, 2011 judgement is hoax. But sometimes, we all are under the pressure of our unconscious levels to believe the unreasonable things as well. If you listen Harold Camping and the group’s preaching, there are chances that you would end-up being convert. No matter how hard someone screams, if doomsday is not supposed to come, it would not come at all.  No matter how convincing ideas Harold Camping has, they are worthless.

You must spread the words among your friends that May 21, 2011 judgement day is a hoax and does not deserve the attention.

You can use the links of and mail them to your friends so that they are better informed.  Being informed does not harm anyone. You would certainly be grateful that you helped the people to know the real meaning of the hoax which was threatening the senses.  You would also be on the fair side of the game when your friends would know that you helped them to understand the truth behind the hyped news.

You can use the links of on your sites as well because we are better placed in terms of May 21, 2011 hoax being concerned or the complete scenario of Doomsday of 2012 is concerned.  It makes sense to link the likewise sites on your internet properties. You would certainly gain the respect of your readers that you did not promote the hoaxes.

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