Is it Doomsday Effect, Unrest in Middle East, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain

Some weeks ago I wrote a post related to law and order issues in dictator run countries post doomsday. The same post argued the reasons of bad situation if those dictators are gone.  Whatever is happening in Middle Eastern countries is the result of anger of people which has been accumulating for decades.

The dictators and monarchies can not fool the people any longer. Mubarak is gone. Tunisia sparked the revolution. There are more countries which are seeing similar type of unrest. The power in the hands of few would always be misused. That’s what was happening for decades. However, the public is correcting the mistakes of these dictators for better future.

A country which has no ruler or the rule which has slipped into the army after dictator is gone , would not yield right results. The true democracy must b restored as soon as possible.

Let’s look at these cases from the angles of Doomsday prophecies.  Yes, there are prophecies that bad old orders will be gone and new order will emerge. That would be reckoning for new generation. A better humanity will emerge. This is what most of the doomsday related boards and news are buzzing about. Hold on, that is not the ultimate truth.

Where is the true democracy in recently liberated nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan and others.  One needs to understand the situation. These are world realities and are not related to doomsday. The greedy leaders will always be here. The better future for the people of the freed countries must be secured with the help of international communities. Return the power to the people as soon as possible and transfer it smoothly. Dictators have to go sooner or later.

Sorry Folks, it is not related to Doomsday 2012 what you are witnessing in middle east.

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