Is Modern Lifestyle Responsible for Doomsday Rumors?

One is forced to think what is that which is pulling the people towards the doomsday rumors. Modern lifestyle is pretty advanced and it does not need the crutches to support it.  Overall, the scene does not resemble the era or Beetles or wild-west or something like that of 1960 or 1970. The present times are more mature than the past.  However, the rich generations have taken over the scene now. They lead their life without fear. Many countries are finding the new movements all run by the youths.  The young population carries forward the lifestyle which becomes icon in the future.

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However, the basic fears do not go away with the time.  Almost all the doomsday theorists and experts play by the  common themes. They go around the common fear of death.  Nobody would like to be in the mess of doomsday. There is some fear which says, doomsday is not true, on the other hand the other section of the mind urges you to explore and find out the truth.  Modern lifestyle is not solely responsible for the doomsday rumors. On the larger scale, the doomsday experts exploit the basic fears and use them as the main and wide themes of their predictions.

We do not oppose or support a theory because it is false or true. The stand we take for a theory to make its visibility felt, is largely dependent on how we read our fears.  A poor guy who has nothing would be more concerned about doomsday than a rich guy having the biggest house in the town.  The perspective changes with our financial conditions and where we are.  If you are journalist and know that doomsday news are your best chance, you would be supporting them no matter how absurd doomsday claims are.

Every decade has seen the absurd prophecies. There is nothing new in what we are reading these days.

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