Is the Threat of October 21 2011 End of the World Credible?

There is the same old story being repeated again. Harold Camping had his reasons for predicting the May 21 2011 doomsday which has failed. Now the same reasons are being offered for Oct 21 2011 as well. There is nothing new in these predictions. The World is also not focusing on the new date. There are no reasons to believe that any doomsday date would correct.

Undoubtedly, October 21 2011 End of the World is another Hoax which is not even taking off this time. There are no threats of world being over this time. The doomsday experts have predicted that October 21 this year may show us some surprises. In the shadow of the predictions by Harold Camping, the things do not really look good. But you must consider Harold has been wrong all his life. He is fond of predicting bizarre events and none of those happened in reality.

If you play it all by logic and rationale, it becomes clear that doomsday experts are fooling around. Their level of IQ is questionable and if they think they can take world for ride, they are utterly mistaken. It would not be long when their predictions will be biting dust and they would be looking for cover.

If you believe in these modern mad saints who claim to know all, you may be mistaken to do so. Keep your eyes open and see the reasons yourself. This world is not going to end so soon. One thing is pretty clear so far is that, doomsday is just a non-existent stuff which has no presence in the history and in future. October 21, 2011 would be passed as the past has gone. You would not even notice anything if you are busy in your work. You must keep away from the sites which ask you to believe them without involving the logic. Blind faith is something which can be troublesome in future.

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