2012 | Is trouble real?

I don’t think so. Neither experts think nor public thinks. Trouble seems real only in movie. Year 2012 seems like any other year from all the angles. It all started with Maya Calendar being dug out of no where. There is no authority which would certified the calendar and its authenticity.  Global warming is not very heavy to say which would bring havoc on earth. I am trying to understand like a common man. Why there is so much noise around 21 December 2012.  I am going to find out if trouble is real.  Looking at the date 12/21/2012, does not ring a bell for now.  There are many stories being circulated on internet and media is going crazy shouting from roof top that world is going end on that fateful day. Hours of airtime is being wasted reporting something which is as dubious as are the experts. I really question the experts why and how they arrived on conclusion that world is going to end.

I am no scientist, I am a common man like you who is trying to find some useful stuff from crap and garbage which has been generated by experts.

So far, I do not see anything coming yet.  If you are more enlightened than me, please leave comments.

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