Is World of Warcraft Doomsday something?

Games use catchy words such as doomsday and doomsayer along with doomsday cult.

Many of us do not play the games either on the PCs or the consoles.  For the first time, as one hears something like WoW doomsday. The first reaction is why wow on the doomsday.  If you use search engines to find out, you come to know wow is the name short form of World of Warcraft and doomsday is the new features or your can call that objects such as doomsday candle which can be added to the games.

Similar is the case of wow doomsday cult. There is no real group called with the same name. The world of warcraft follows its own themes of different tracks.  Many such themes and terms emerge in the games which can catch the attention of the players. The players may like to have fun with such themes.

There are many characters such as wow doomsayer which they say can be found in the mystery forests.  I haven’t played WoW so far.  It is rare chance of spare time to kill playing the games which may look good or may not look for worth of time.

I mentioned the above terms because they are linked with the doomsday themes. However, they do not have anything to do with doomsday of 2012.  Doomsday in WoW is common term to define the end-like situation. Beyond that, these terms are not related to doomsday theories in anyways.

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