Jeane Dixon Predicted Doomsday 2020 2037 Prophecy

Jeane Dixon Predicted Doomsday 2020 2037 Prophecy.

The end of the world event had found date with the earth in the past. As many creatures existed here and vanished without trace. Dinosaurs are the perfect examples. The earth has re-invented itself several times in the past. Many people in the past predicted that end of the world is near. Most prominent was Harold Camping of family radio who predicted very strongly that world will end in 2012. The world did not end. Mr Camping died in 2013 because of natural causes of death. His death was not result of any doomsday event.

Then now, a new date has emerged somewhere between 2020 and 2037. That’s a long stretch of 17 years for the prophecy to come true. Jeane Dixon predicted that Jesus would visit earth to remove Anti-Christ, Satan and false prophet.  There are many predictions of Jeane which have not come true.

There are serious issues with this prediction. If Jesus visits earth in 2020 then he would need to clearly identify the three entities which would need to be finished. We have not seen any clear indications so far that any of these three entities are true. These seems to be figment of religious texts and imagination of someone.

As per several sources, her most notable failed prediction was 1962 end of the world event. It did not occur. There are several theories and later claims of calculating dates wrongly.

Jeane is not present around this time on earth to defend or provide us any compelling evidences to support her theory. There may be some followers who may link the theories to unrelated world events. Apophenia is the term which defines the events which seem related but are not. Or the unrelated patterns seeming to make some sense. 

We have seen enough of humanity related talks in the past leading to 2012 doomsday event. Lots of experts were talking crap that time. It is just matter of time now when 2020 event of doomsday catches up with con artists and several books will be written on this subject. Each book claiming the utmost and ultimate book of truth on doomsday 2020 subject.

An advice to the readers, just use your own common sense to figure out everything. The doomsdays are impossible to come in the form and way the doomsday experts predict.

The events of earthquakes and other natural calamities come suddenly and cannot be predicted. It is an irony that none of these experts predicted the next earthquake successfully or even tried to do it.

Relax, nothing will happen like it happened in the past.


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