Long and Short Shot of Doomsday and Bad luck of experts

2011 Doomsday gets low volume of traffic.

I do not know why I went into self imposed self exile. I still feel that Harold Camping did a great damage not only to the theme of doomsday but also he made people feel bad on various counts.  Besides, Harold Camping there are many people who have written books, created sites, made supplies and of course wished to earn some money. It is all so dismal right now even the best of doomsday sites are struggling to get the viewers. We need to remember that we are approaching 2012 when it must have happened. The trends look very bad and the visitor counts is not increasing. The doomsday site owners have realized that Harold Camping ended their dream. Neither Camping did good nor he allowed anyone. There is no or near nothing public interest in next date of doomsday 21 October 2011 this year.

According to my media experience and dealing with theme. The long range prediction of your site can be on average rules but if you are willing to sustain for very long time then only it holds true. As I wrote earlier that doomsday sites are bad investments into nothing.

If you are thinking to make it short range of something over the doomsday shot, it is not going to work. You must find something else to see if that is going to work. I am returning to other themes slowly but certainly doomsday theme still remains interesting piece to see if there is something for us either on creative front or on commercial front.

For search engines and other pieces,  I continue to write for my readers who are loyal and come in great numbers to read what is written here.

Yes, the bad luck of doomsday experts continues because they are not able to cash on the theme any more. Why It is so, I have explained in first para of this piece.  An important question, so where do we go from here?  I have no clear answers to this question for now. There are no easy routes from here. If you have maintained the sites either supporting or debunking the doomsday, the best thing to do is to keep doing what you have been doing so far.

Is it all over and done? Not exhausted completely.  I feel there is steam left in this theme but that is not enough for large number of sites. It is not auto or car niche which finds the people searching.  Doomsday is also not a commodity which sells. If someone gets time and has interest or is curious to know, he comes on the search engines and punches the keywords to come to this or other sites.

Have faith and learn to protect your sites from the people who create hype to grab everything that is available in a niche.

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