Mark Borax on 2012 Doomsday

Is Mark Borax serious about Doomsday in 2012? Lets find out.

Mark Borax has written a book titled 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future. As he claims that he has studied astrology for many years. Mark Borax believes that a new paradigm shift is going to occur in 2012. He clarified in several interviews how the new changes in humanity are going to occur and what humans can learn from them. He says 2012 is an opportunity to change the world for better.

Now, we come back to his claims. I seriously doubt his astrology skills. There is nothing extra-ordinary in what he says and which other so many astrologers are not saying. The job of astrologer and the weatherman is same. Both have the reasons for something being there and also for the things which will not happen.

Mark Borax seriously disappoints when it comes to verify his claims. Anyone talking about the big changes in the humanity and so-called the paradigm shift, is talking non-sense. The problem with these claims is, these can not be verified with the experiments.

is Mark Borax pointing that politicians are going to reform themselves? Look at the world with the eyes of statistician and you would know these Astrologers are part of noise and nothing else.

An interesting fact about these doomsday astrologers and expert is, all of them have written books. Sounds good so far. Now the marketing begins with media manipulation.

Why Mark Borax needs year 2012 for paradigm shift to prove his theory? I have read his interviews. There is nothing called verifiable data. The astrology is non-verifiable subject and it holds no substance and it is not better than the outcome of weather science.

All of these experts including Mark Borax claim to know all and tell us the reasons why doomsday is going to happen. If doomsday does not come in 2012 and the so-called paradigm shift does not happen, will Mark Borax accept the moral responsibility of being wrong? or He will say, Stars changed their mood this time. The doomsday has got new date and there comes a new book from Mark Borax claiming why doomsday did not come in 2012. Thats pretty much interesting astrology as it allows you to support a claim and you can use the same astrology as an excuse later if you are wrong.

You know what! Everyone can become an astrologer that way. You need to be as smart as to write a book first and learn to market it. Thats what Mark Borax seems to be doing since his book has been published.

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