Mass Migration in 2012, is World Ready?

World is not Ready and Never Will. Mass Migration is point of no discussion.

Natural calamities, Wars and other extreme conditions can trigger the mass migration of human population from one place to another. This is speculative situation. Can doomsday 2012 scenario lead to mass migration? A short answer is, yes, it can.

Let’s admit one fact, we all live in greedy world where countries have their own interests first and the leaders have to care about the votes they can get by displaying the mercy and the acts of helping someone in need. The problem is, citizens of another country are not naturalized voters and they remain the point of no attention from the leaders of the world.

There are several funds setup by UN and other non-profits.  If doomsday 2012 occurs, these agencies may not be able to reach the people. In that case, the neighboring countries will need to help the people of another neutral, friendly or enemy state.  Something like North Korea helping the people of South Korea or vice versa.

The countries are never ready to accept the refugees at mass level. The immigration is one of the burning issues in many countries.  Nobody can say, what will be the response of the surviving states  in that scenario. Even if doomsday does not come. Lets say, a small country is on the verge of being flooded.  All the surrounding countries just watch the show and do not come up to help the people. We have seen such cases in the past.

For mass migration or population seeking help from the other nations, may create problem for the existing population in those countries which have safer places.

In extreme conditions, we need to show more concern to the people who need help. I will not wish to have a real doomsday on earth. But if it does, we would need to prepare for the people who would be seeking help from us.

Mass Migration has happened in the history and boundary-less world does not exist now. It takes more than efforts to reach another country. The rules are tough.  Nobody can say, if you would given a free entry into another nation for being safe.  My take is, world is going to show more concern.  But mass migration a topic no leader would like discuss.

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