May 21 2011: Possible Excuses If Nothing Happens

If May 21 2011 Doomsday or the so-called Judgement Day fails to appear, what would be the excuses offered by FamilyRadio, its followers and supporters. The list of those wild prophecies is pretty long. The internet boards are full of the discussions going on at this point of time. This is interesting take on the subject. There are no doubts that this prophecy will also bite the dust like others did in the past. Especially Harold Camping’s prophecy of 1994.  He should have learnt his lesson that time and what was the need of second prophecy if you can not do it first time.

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When a prophecy fails, there are many excuses which are readily available and are offered soon after. Some interesting things happen after the doomsday date has passed and nothing happened. Here is the list of the things which you may notice on May 22, 2011.

  1. Harold Camping and his Family Radio becomes unavailable for commenting why the prophecy failed.
  2. The supporters say, their prayers moved the date into distant future and the world is saved.
  3. Next date is announced for doomsday which would again be based on the accounts which have been somehow assembled with the facts gathered from here and there.
  4. Nobody accepts the responsibility of a failed prophecy. You would not find the supporters and preachers in sight to answer your questions.
  5. The books are materials which have been sold become useless and of no value.  You do not know what to do with the books which were sold to you in the name of Judgement Day and Return of the God.

For you and others, there is lesson, you must learn to ignore the people who beat the drums of doomsday.  If someone thought that doomsday experts are very popular, that is a myth. They are not so much popular because deep-down everybody knows their real truth.  World watches them because soon the doomsday experts and preachers are going to be joke of the town when prophecy fails.

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