May 21 2011 Sites are bad Investments with no Future Value

I see so many sites with the May 21, 2011 having main words in the domain names and several variations of them also exist. Such sites which have fixed date of their existence as after that they would not remain useful. Their visitor numbers would go down drastically.

Why someone is investing so much of money in the domain names which have no future value simply and otherwise whether world remains or ends. No matter what happens, these sites would lose their relevance for sure. I think those sites are bad investments. Any search engine would not allow them to have major traffic to go to them. One needs to see what sort of returns are expected out of these sites which hold the value for just less than 90 days from now.

Some of those May 21 2011 sites are very beautiful and well designed. Certain investment would have included the cost of domain name and expenses over development. The developers of these sites must have charged the owners hourly rates. And now webmasters have responsibilities of updating those sites.

If someone thought to sell books and material during 90 day period, it is race against time. Such things do not work. Doomsday of May 21, 2011 is not the theme which would appeal to the people on global level. I am looking at this theme from purely analytical level. To me, having such short period to gain some returns, does not sound great. It is always better to think long range when you have venture on the web.

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