May 21 Approaching, Are You Scared?

Let me assure you first of all, There is no need to be scared of impossible May 21 disaster. There is nothing which is coming our way.  There have been many such dates in the past which were tagged with doomsday like scenarios. All of them were false. Those who are beating the drums of May 21 Doomsday are crazy.  Most of them do not know what they are talking about.  It is very easy to prove anything right with the help of religious books. Some of the crazy ideas are put forth using the age-old methods which do not work anymore.

Here are few things you can do to avoid being influenced by those theories:

  1. Ignore the sites which advocate the doomsday. You need to believe they are not telling you the truth. They are in the game because money is there.
  2. Make a folder and setup rules where the doomsday or May 21 Judgement day related emails will go. You can delete the folder without reading those emails.
  3. Discuss with the people who are clear headed and know the science and bit of it.
  4. The world is going to be here post May 21 as well. So do not think that you would not be required to pay your debts after that. The world is not going to be destroyed on May 21.
  5. Read Bible as it must be read. Not from the point of view of doomsday.
  6. Live happy and blissful life with compassion and love.
  7. Have the feeling of being strong with your thoughts and beliefs.
  8. World is beautiful place and it would remain so. Get along with the others, because they are your friends.  Tell your group, that doomsday is hoax.
  9. Spread the word that May 21 rapture, judgement day is false. Let more people know of the truth that hoax needs to be ignored.
  10. Ignore the people who are roaming in the streets with doomsday banners and posters.

Just follow the above and lead the life which is not only happy but also free from the elements which create unnecessary tension in our minds.  Think creative, World is not going to end so soon.

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