May 21 Doomsday in Media and News

I was looking for something else on the web but noticed again someone mentioning the May 21 2011. I searched further to find out whether the theme of new doomsday date is being picked by media. Though, it is just 5 pages searched in the news section on many news sites and search portals. There are other news sections and sources as well which are not trust worthy for now. Most of these news quote one or other sources which are not related to others.

May 21 2011 doomsday is not serious threat and it is not even qualified to become one yet. No major newspaper have taken note of it yet. The online media avenues did not like it. Although the search trends are showing upward movement. This trend would begin to decline sooner than expected. The current rise in search volume will go well until May 2011. There would be another date post this one when someone would come out from nowhere and predict with his logic about the new possible date of doomsday.

These games of predictions have been going all the time in history. Before the advent of internet, newspapers used to be good mediums to publish such news pieces. Now you do not need much of that paper based news, as these theories can be spread faster on the web.

The doomsday theorists are using the web to get to the believers and other people. These are just for sometime and some gets his or her due limelight for sometime. The doomsday is bit heavy subject for those people but creators of doomsday theories know well how to use the online media for their own benefits.

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