Mojave Desert, Smart Choice or Just a Place?

Is Mojave Desert a choice of Geologists for being safe in 2012 Doomsday scenarios?

Over the geologists and their circle, this discussion was hot topic why Mojave desert is being considered a safest place in US.  This discussion stems from the fact that Vivos is constructing bunkers and shelter houses there.  A company will not invest so much money without consulting a geologist or team of geologists and other experts. It is big decision and has to be approved by several teams of experts who have completed remarkable work in their career.

Mojave is not all desert, there are some cities and people live there already. Many people may consider the deserts as the safest option.  Deserts are going to save you but there are challenges which are beyond work-around. How you are going to live if there is no water. How are you going to make it to see another day if there is no food available.  Survival is not all about being alive. It is about living for many years.  Anyone thinking of making home in deep deserts have to include the plans to store the water and food for many months.  The conditions after an extreme events can not be predicted.  The advance plans are the key to many things.  It is not known how Vivos is going to generate water for the people if all the water has been dried up.

Mojave looks a natural but tough choice for survival. I would go with the choices which can be made out in mountains. Mountains will have less issues. The clouds and the water can be formed there naturally.  While, deserts will be having enormous heat, mountains will be having rains. The equation goes like this. The better choice for these bunkers would have been somewhere in high mountains.

Mojave for 2012 doomsday scenarios is right choice but a tougher one and full of challenges.  I repeat again, Vivos bunkers in Mojave deserts are being made for surviving in extreme conditions. The deserts and environment there is big challenge.

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