Nero Doomsday Machine and Book are not Real

Year 2012 is just warming up now. So the doomsday experts waited for this year to arrive. We update the readers on Nero doomsday and several other sub-themes which are hot in media and news. There is no claim of it all being so real. It is all in the minds of the people because it can not be verified.

Nero Doomsday is certainly very nice and high pitched sound-full album which is available online to hear. The other interesting fact is that it is rising on the searches for last few months. Though the real doomsday has nothing to do with this album but you can spot the them well. The doomsday is going to be again in the news for right reasons. There are several new dates which are being studied at this point of time. In 2011 we covered doomsday and its themes so well that this site has risen from PR1 to PR3 now. We are again ready to ride the waves of popularity with the latest and current updates which are scheduled to arrive.

Apart from what doomsday experts are trying tell us, we need to figure out the basics of doomsday machine which is nothing but conceptual ideas of presenting it in such a way that someone gets confused and begins to take it seriously. Yep, no holds, there is no doomsday machine except in movies and Star Trek series. Last year, we educated our readers on various issues which Harold Camping and team tried to use and scare the public. It is not evident that doomsday would ever occur. There are no possibilities of what so ever. The doomsday experts may be wrong and they got it all so assembled to make it very much sensational while it is not that way.

We had reviewed The Doomsday Book in 2011 and on this site. Apart from that, there are many other books which are being sold online in the name of doomsday. Every expert has his own book to sell and you would be surprised to hear that the doomsday supplies and books are all part of hyped theme of world being ended. The year 2012 is going to be different but there is no doomsday.

Ok, this is for the people who are looking for the doomsday movie and its review; it has been very long time for the movie to have been released. We had reviewed that as well. Our views are clear and we do not support the doomsday theories in their present format. They do not make sense. Read the posts at this site, you would find it very much interesting.

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