New Legal Laws needed to Deal with 2012 doomsday

New Legal challenges if doomsday 2012 occurs.

Well, it is just a thought.  The doomsday type of event in any year can bring the harm at the large scale.  Many people have begin to think about the legal issues in 2012 if doomsday comes true.

Many people will like to have the legal guarantee of their safety and availability of the food from their own governments.  There are existing laws in many countries which provide the citizens  the legal assurance of their safety. Just in case, the doomsday event happens, the governments will need to ration the food and other equipments. The worst situation can arrive in the dictator run countries where the dictator does not care much about the people. Wealthy dictator can bully the people and sell off the resources to buy the costly bunker for him and his family.

The democratic and elected governments still may do something for the people. Any large scale natural event or man-made one brings the law and order problems.  In case of flood and natural calamities governments control the food and aid supply. It is very important for the governments to be in prepared mode and if anything untoward happens, it should support its people.

Post doomsday scenario will bring the more chaotic scene if the law and order agencies are not present to control the unruly public. The governments will need to bring the tough measures to protect the people and properties against looting and situation of anarchy must be controlled.

It is up to the governments to decide if they need new legal laws to combat the law and order problems if doomsday 2012 occurs.  It is just a thought that such legal binding conditions will keep things in control for good of the people.

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