Nostradamus 2012

Nostradamus was complex personality and he had written on many subjects and about the future as claimed by several experts.  Experts point to many facts which they say, were predicted by Nostradamus. In the past,  experts claimed that few of the predictions of Nostradamus are going to be true and none of them turned out to be so.

Many people argue that Nostradamus was able to predict that America would be having its first black president. And now many experts are telling that someone would come in 2012 to become Antichrist of 2012. There is no truth behind all this stuff.

Only Nostradamus could tell us what he is trying to say. He has written everything in jumbled sentences and verses. His writing is not clear about what he wants to say to the world. Every expert interprets his writing according to his own agenda which suits his commercial ends.  Nostradamus researchers may be able to tell us something honestly because they know more about it. All we need is genuine thoughts which are logical.  Look at the events of the past centuries, almost all of them could be explained with logical sets.  There is no certainty if Nostradamus really wrote especially for year 2012.

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