Now Game Emergency 2012 Simulation

Emergency 2012 was supposed to be released in October. Difficult to find what happened to its release date.  I read somewhere there are different dates of releasing the game in different continents.

Game is supposed to be in the backdrop of 2012 doomsday. It is one of the mid-sized games based on 2012 doomsday theme so far. The game is supposed to play the theme of surviving and saving the world from multiple disasters.  According to Emergency 2012 pre reviews, it seems to be worth of playing and trying your luck to practice what you can view if encountered in real life.

However, if seen from marketing angle, it is not right time to release such games. More apt time would have been matching with the release of 2012 movie earlier this year. Or the marketing campaign would have tried to cash on the hype starting from june 2012 to year end. May be new games would come by that time.  In North-America, it may be released in first week of January 2011.

Emergency 2012 is supposed to be available on PC. Sounds good so far. Market is not ready for such games. The hype of 2012 doomsday is dying and almost all the publishers and online sites are experiencing the lower volume of online traffic.  More to see how this game does in market under the current demand of such games.

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