Octopus Paul Passes Away

So our hope of using him to predict the end of the world also go away with Octopus Paul being dead.

I wrote in previous posts about possibilities of using Octopus Paul to predict the end of the world. Octopus Paul so called Baba Paul is no more now. He died in aquarium in Germany.  The debate would go long time in future whether he was truly psychic. His predictions were impressive. There are no doubts his predictions ranged well and he failed only once in his ways.

Octopus Paul could give us some hope to predict about 2012 doomsday as well. Some careful experiments could be carried out. The keepers of Paul had retired him after last FIFA World Cup.

The questions are abound if Octopus Paul was just a gimmick of keepers or he was true psychic soul which predicted better than humans do. These questions are not easy to answer because most of them required presence of Paul himself to testify with tests.

With Octopus Paul gone, The parrot Mani is still around. Parakeet Mani lives in Singapore. His feat is also impressive. Use of animals to predict the future also explains our weaknesses and dependency on knowing the future. Do we really need to know what is going to happen? Imagine if we knew everything in advance, the world would become very much predictable place where there would be no fun of hard work because we would already know who are going to be winners.

In other world, Doomsday predictions must remain as they are. We certainly need not to know if those are true or false.  What about it, if doomsday predictions are partially false and true as well. Can we handle the conflicting situation.

We wish goodbye to Octopus Paul and let him have rest in peace.  According to Hindu Mythology, Soul never dies. It takes birth again. May be Paul takes new birth as human next time.  Until then, best of luck for next birth to Octopus Paul.  RIP.

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