Oracle Octopus Paul may predict something about 2012 Doomsday

An experiment can reveal many answers.

There is a two year old octopus named Paul in Germany. It is supposed to have predicted the results of FIFA World Cup matches correctly. It has error margin of 20% so far. Meaning is this, it went wrong only once. The recent prediction is that Germany would lose the match in Final. There are many people who believe that Octopus Paul has special powers and capability to predict the future especially of game. The Octopus lives in a controlled aquarium in Germany.

Now how we can relate doomsday 2012 with Octopus Paul. Well, the controllers already know that Paul has got prediction capabilities. As, in the case of  last prediction it was given two boxes. It chose another leaving the box of Germany bearing flag aside. Now, if someone can repeat the experiment with another two boxes. One box with the green and clean image of the world and the other of post doomsday scenario. It would be really interesting to observe which one octopus Paul picks up.

However, I am not arguing if octopus Paul has real powers or just it is by chance that his choice is always winning the match.  The point is that, animals do have senses to know in advance what is going to happen.  The example of last tsunami is before us. There were no dead fish or the sea creatures. All of them had moved to safer places.  There are enough reasons to believe that. What is not believable is, if you can really depend upon such powers which can not be true always.

I have left a trivia for the controllers to do an experiment and find out what Octopus Paul decides about Doomsday 2012.

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